Perhaps you are redesigning your kitchen or want to find one of the best rated refrigerators, but there are many brands and features to consider. An Amana brand is an example of how manufacturing are taking on technology as well as the customer's needs to fit into any kitchen.

All manufactures of the best rated refrigerators are providing a variety of top refrigerators styles and prices for their refrigerators. There are traditional top freezer and modern bottom freezer styles that come in a variety of sizes and colors. A top freezer is considered the least expensive refrigerator. The bottom freezer refrigerator has the freezer part in the bottom with a drawer that opens to expose the items inside. Side by side refrigerators are growing in popularity with the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. These models often have ice-makers as well as water dispensers installed in the door.

Many best refrigerator brand manufactures, such as Amana, are picking up on the "green living" lifestyle in the world today. They have created Energy Star certified appliances including side-by-side and bottom freezer refrigerator styles. They run just as well as other refrigerators, but these styles don't waste electricity or money for that matter. It reduces food waste and spoilage as well as using too much energy.

Some refrigerator brands have reversible doors. The door direction can be changed referring to the way it opens. This is the owner's preference. There are times when the layout of the kitchen makes the refrigerator opening in a certain direction is more convenient. Others may want to change the way the door opens because they are left handed and are more comfortable opening the refrigerator in a certain direction.

It is becoming popular having a refrigerator with child locks to keep children safe as well as prevent them from messing with everything in the appliance. Some doors also have a good grip strip providing a comfortable touch when opening and closing the refrigerator. Another interesting feature of some of the best rated refrigerators is their doors have a multi-use finish. Some of the best  refrigerators have a dry-erase board area incorporated into the door. It is a great place to leave notes, make a shopping list and let the children play.

When looking for a refrigerator consider the features available and what you need. The price is also important as well as the style and color. It needs to fit in the area set up for it along with having enough storage capacity inside too.

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